2008 Houston Press Music Award
"Best Cover Band"

Write-up from the Houston Press, July 22, 2008

Molly and the Ringwalds

"These bitchin' babes and gnarly dudes have taken "Best Cover Band" the past five years in a row, but what makes the Ringwalds (there is no true Molly) a perennial fave is the breadth of its material. The band does everyone from Prince and Ozzy Osbourne to Michael Jackson and the Vapors. And given that Carrie and Dekan Ringwald just returned from vacation in the Land of the Rising Sun, surely they busted out "Turning Japanese," right? "We handed out a lot of Ringwalds business cards," Dekan says. "We're trying to take over Velvet Revolver's slot since they were denied entertainment visas." Uh, Deke, that band isn't even together anymore. Guess that's what happens when your head is stuck in the '80s." -- Bob Ruggiero

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