2007 Houston Press Music Award
"Best Cover Band"

Write-up from the Houston Press, Aug. 9, 2007

Molly and the Ringwalds

With their fifth win in a row, Molly & the Ringwalds are starting to own Best Cover Band the way Zydeco Dots own zydeco and D.R.U.M. owns whatever they're calling the world-music category this year. They have Friday happy hours at the Continental locked down in perpetuity, but went MIA before the Press could get a comment on their most recent victory, so we cobbled together a possible acceptance speech from their seemingly bottomless repertoire of Reagan-era titles: "Add it up. A little respect . just what I needed. I know what boys like, I love rock and roll. I want you to want me, don't you want me? Faithfully, one way or another, nothin' but a good time." -- Chris Gray

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